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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the band located?
Baytown is based in Southern California. We perform regularly at events in Orange County and San Diego County. Local venues also include Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and Palm Springs. We are available for travel to other locations including San Francisco and Northern California, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Tucson, etc.

What type of events are you available for?
Corporate events, weddings, charity galas, holiday parties, reunions, anniversaries, conventions, fundraisers, festivals, parties and celebrations of all types... really anytime you need great entertainment, "fun for all" music.

What type of music do you play?
Baytown plays a great variety of the best dance music ~ from current Top-40 pop music such as Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas, to the great Motown hits, Disco, 70s and 80s dance favorites and a selection of classic rock favorites. We also play a variety of jazz standards and "easy listening" music, Frank Sinatra, etc. - perfect background music during your cocktail hour or dinner. For the complete band's song list, which includes audio demo links, click here: Baytown Band Song List.

How many band members are there?
For the dance band, we perform in at at least a 7-piece configuration ~ one male and two female lead singers, drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards ~ which is expandable, adding any or all of the following: sax, percussion, trumpet, trombone. Several of the musicians sing harmonies and all the musicians are professional and experienced. For larger productions, we can add other musicians and dancers. For smaller events or venues or for jazz arrangements, we can scale down. For more information about our band configurations, please click here: Baytown Band Arrangements

Can you provide cocktail hour and dinner music?
Yes and this can be done with the number of musicians and instrumentation that fit your event and budget. A very popular progression is a duo for the cocktail hour, the instrumental band for dinner and then a larger arrangement (adding singers) for the dancing.

How long has the band been performing and who are the band members?
Baytown has been performing since 2006, but many of the individual members have a great deal of experience beyond Baytown. For more information about the individual member,s, click here: Baytown Band About Us

What are some of the band's previous clients and venues?
Baytown has performed for clients such as IBM, Lexus, and Harrah's, as well as for many brides and grooms and at venues such as On Broadway, Viejas Casino, Humphrey's, Four Seasons, Marriott and Hilton, just to name a few. For more information on clients and venues, please click here: Baytown Band Client References & Venues Performed.

How long do you play and how many breaks do you take?
We typically perform 45-60 minute sets with a 10-15 minute break between sets. For events longer than four hours, we may take one longer meal break. However, we are flexible and adjust our sets and breaks to accommodate your event schedule. There can be non-stop music - during the band breaks, recorded music (provided by us or you) can be played through the band's sound system - this is a great way to play particular songs or genres the band may not play. In addition, you may use the band's microphone during breaks for announcements, toasts, raffles, etc. As an alternative, by special request and for an extra fee, we can arrange to have a DJ spin during band breaks.

Do you provide MC services?
Yes, at no extra charge.

How much do you charge?
Our philosophy? Simple. Easy. No hard sell.
Assuming a local event and non-holiday date, we will give you a quote that is simply based upon the band configuration (number of performers) and the length of performance (start to finish). We are confident of our talent, professionalism and entertainment value we offer. And, we will work diligently to make your event entertainment amazing.

We do not increase our rates because of your class of venue or the number of guests (unless for larger events of 500ish or more where extra sound gear is required). Rates for holiday dates and out of town events are higher. Please provide the details about your event and we will be happy to get you a fair quote promptly. To the extent possible, we will adjust the band's arrangement to stay within your budget.

To request availability and rate information, you may use our Quick Contact Form or reach us by phone or email here Baytown Band Contact Us.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, with a 3% processing fee.

Is a tip or gratuity required?
Gratuities are always appreciated and completely at your discretion.

What equipment does the band provide and what do you need from me?
For local events, we supply the full sound system and stage lighting.
From you and/or the venue, the band needs:

A clear performance area of 18' x 24' with access to adequate power (two 20 amp electrical outlets minimum).
2. Stage and/or risers and dance floor are up to you and your venue. Ideal stage size is 16' x 24', minimum is 12' x 20'.
3. A secure green room (changing/storage area)
4. B
ottled water and food (hot meal if available) for the band members and sound crew if applicable.

May we use the band's microphone for toasts, announcements, etc?
Absolutely. Typically, we have both corded and cordless mics available.

WIll you learn a special request song?
We are happy to learn one or two special request songs for your event, as long as we have a recording and charts at least 60 days before your event. Also keep in mind that if you require certain songs that are not on the band's play list, they can always be put on the break mix.

How do you control the volume?
It's easy to keep the volume "just right". For cocktails and dinner, we play at a lower volume that allows your guests to easily carry on conversations. After dinner, we increase the volume just enough to provide energy and get the crowd dancing. Regardless, the volume can always be raised or lowered with the slide of a button.

How does the band dress?
Always appropriate for your event - from tuxedos to tropical. For most events, the guys will wear black suits.

How does the band plan for our event?
We confer with you regarding your event and develop a timeline that fits your needs. We then take the worry out of it for you by working directly with any coordinators and the venue regarding your event timeline, equipment load-in, power and set up, so the band is ready to play as scheduled.

Can we come out and see the band perform before booking?
Yes! We welcome you to come out to our periodic public shows. Contact us for details.

What are the advantages of hiring a band as opposed to a DJ?
Live music creates energy and excitement that simply cannot be duplicated with recorded music. The band connects with the crowd and provides spontaneous audience interaction* when appropriate which makes our performance fun for everyone and one your guests will remember.
*Sorry, no Macarena, Chicken Dance, or YMCA!

Why Baytown?
Quite simply...Baytown is an "all live" band (no tracks) with great musicians, amazing award-winning male & female lead singers, a tight horn section and a great variety of dance music. Most of all Baytown is FUN! You can book Baytown with confidence, knowing we have performed for many clients such as IBM, Lexus and Harrah's as well as many happy brides and grooms.

I have decided I want to book Baytown Band for my event - what's next?
We send you our entertainment contract via mail or e-mail. You simply send the signed contract back along with a deposit (usually 50%), payable by check or credit card. Just contact us and we'll do the rest: Baytown Band Contact Us

Our philosophy?
Simple. Easy. No hard sell...
Assuming a local event and non-holiday date, we will give you a quote that is simply based upon the band configuration (number of performers) and the length of performance (start to finish). We are confident of our talent, professionalism and the entertainment value we offer.
And, we will work diligently to make your event entertainment amazing.




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